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Selected Questions and Answers

Q: How is it that You came to this knowledge?

M: I went to the Himalayas and found a teacher. It is not because the only teachers are in Himalayas; I just happened to think that in the Himalayas I could find some Masters because Jesus went there, Buddha went there, etc. Now you can find Masters in other places as well. After Jesus went to India for a while, during his missing thirteen years according to history, and after the Buddha had been in the Himalayas for a while, They also both had to go back to the world. People could see them on the street or in the restaurant, so they didn't have to go to the Himalayas like the Masters did.

Music with A Thousand Names

Q: My spiritual guide, Milarepa, advised me to listen to the Music from the stars. How can I do that?

M: That is what I am going to show you. That's the silent sound, the teaching of God, the "Word" in the Bible, "the music of stars." It is called by different names. You can hear it right away. When I come in and say just a few words, you will hear the Music of the stars that is the teaching from God. That's why we call this Method "Immediate Enlightenment." We help you open your heavenly ears, and then you can hear the Music of the stars.

Q: We would like to hear what is the real content of your Method because many of the things that You have mentioned, we already know.

M: Well, if you want to know, you will have to stay a little longer after this lecture. It's not really a written method; it is a reconnection with the kingdom of God through a living pole. Like electricity, just reconnect it, and then you'll get it. Even if I sit here and talk all night long, until a hundred years, you still won't get the kingdom of God. But we sit together and there's something going on invisibly, and you will know.

The so-called "Method" is just that I tell you how to sit so that you are more comfortable, how many hours a day you should communicate with God, and some of these details. Actually, these are not the "Method". The "Method" is not describable. It's not written, and if it were written, it would not be the real thing. The real thing goes through a living pole from God; it is transmitted from God through a chosen living pole, something like that.

At the time of truly transmitting the so-called "Method", I don't talk. You are right when you say that all the things I have told you, you know already, because these are useless things - just conversation. The real thing is transmitted in silence. When you are ready, it is transmitted to you. Even though I am not here, if you want it, I can transmit it to you - from America, from the moon, even - and all in silence; that's the wonder of God.

Drugs Cannot Evoke Spiritual Experiences

Q: I had the experience of being one with the Totality. It was due to the use of a special plant that grows in the Amazon forest. Considering that it doesn't matter how you reach enlightenment and the important thing is that you are enlightened, why don't people favor the use of such plants, and even prohibit it?

M: It is because these are not real experiences. Any experience that is evoked by material means is not spiritual. God is not made by man or made by anything, neither is Hes evoked by anything. The God within us will awaken Hirmself when Hes wants to. That is number one.

Number two: the natural spiritual awakening will not have any bad side-effects; it will only make you happier, more intelligent, more contented, more successful in many things, and more noble, more loving. And whatever illusions come from plants or drugs will have terrible side effects. They will make your body weak; they will make you addicted; they will make you less intelligent; they will destroy your brainpower and your physical well-being, etc. You know that better than I do.

You know how many people die every day because of drugs; how many people live a life half dead and half suffering because they lack a drug after they have become so addicted to it. You know the answer. That's why it is better to refrain from these dangerous substances, for your own sake as well as the people you love, and for the sake of a peaceful society. Even cigarettes kill so many people every year. You read the reports in the newspapers. So, it's not like you should have enlightenment at any price. You should have the real thing and not the illusionary one.

The ABC's of the Highest Spiritual Practice

Q: I would like to be initiated but there are three things that I don't understand in your Method as I read it: (A) You say that we shouldn't practice any method of meditation that implies the control of breathing.

M: These are not very favorable to spiritual development after a while. As I have told you, everything that is evoked, controlled, or helped by material things is not truly God. God doesn't need anything like that to be awakened. God is already there, and God is God. Messing around with our breathing, our heartbeat, or any mechanism in our body, is sometimes extremely dangerous, also. God has created it the way it is, and we should leave it alone.

Spiritual awakening does not depend on anything, not even the body, because we are not the body to begin with. When we are unconscious, when we are not breathing, or when we are dead, then how can we rely on the breath to be awakened. We have to have the real Thing that is always awake twenty-four hours after It has been awakened. That is why I told you that to find God, you don't need to do anything. God is God. Why do we have to do anything?

The true Method is silence, but in silence, we will know God. Not that in silence, and then nothing. No, it's not that. God is God. There's nothing we can do to know Hirm. Hes is just there. I will show you where to look to reveal Hirm. This is why we advise you not to mix all these kinds of material so-called "methods". If you feel that you are not ready for this Supreme Power within yourself and you are not ready to be a Supreme Master again yourself, then stay with any other method you like. If you want to be the Supreme Master again, then forget all these baby games.

Q: (B) You also say that we can't use our spiritual power to cure others.

M: Yes, of course not, because they have the power within themselves. While we are on the way to find God, we should just concentrate on God; and once we know God already, our healing power is automatic. We have no need to use any material gestures or actions in order to show someone else that we are a genius, we are powerful, or we are better than he is. In fact, we should be quiet about our power. That's why in the Bible it is said that when you pray to the Father, be quiet; close yourself in the closet. That means you do it quietly, secretly, and the Father will reward you openly.

How does Hes reward you openly? You will be more successful, more intelligent, more loving, more wise, more everything - and more God-like. And when a God-like person walks on the street, His spiritual power naturally heals whoever needs to be healed. Whoever has faith in God, whoever has affinity with us, when we walk or go near that person, when we just incidentally see that person, he will be healed, will be uplifted. But that is by the will of God, not by the will of our hand or any of our ego's so-called "healing actions". That's why when a woman touched the dress of Jesus and was healed, when she thanked Him, He said, "Your faith has healed you." He did not try to claim credit for the healing power, but He knew that He had it. There are many things I could go on and on about the Bible, but this is not a Bible session, so we will stop it here.

Q: (C) And You also say that we can't combine other methods with the Quan Yin. Does this mean that we must blindly follow a method?

M: Actually we have already talked about that in part A. When you want to be a doctor, you should not mess about with other work until you finish your studies. When you want to learn medicine, you just concentrate on learning medicine, and then you will become a doctor more quickly. Even if another method is good, standing on two boats at the same time is detrimental. You should do one thing at a time.

If you like other methods better, they suit you more, you are more convinced, please be welcome to stay there and concentrate on that. If you are convinced that our Method is good for you, suitable and the best, come and concentrate on this; otherwise, you will not be successful in either and at the end you don't know either one. You will lose your time and lose both methods.

All these are just our best spiritual advice. It's not forbidden; it's not an order from me or from any Master. It is just that we tell you what we know is the best and quickest for you. We know that in everything in which we want to be successful, we have to concentrate on that thing. Even while you are driving a car, you cannot ride a bicycle, however beautiful it is.

Q: Christ died and suffered for us. He shared all our miseries, why aren't we happy?

M: Yes, good question. Jesus died for his disciples. The ones He initiated directly benefited from His sacrifice. Those related to His disciples benefited secondarily. The people in His time were somewhat elevated from the darkness, to some degree. The people who saw him, touched him, and contacted him, were uplifted to heaven and the whole planet profited somewhat from His sacrifice after He left the Earth. That's why our world is better than the way it was. The same is true for many other Masters. Whatever they did, wherever they went, they benefited that place. Time after time, they uplifted the planet into a more civilized atmosphere.

But personal enlightenment, we must have ourselves. Whatever Jesus said is correct only for when He was alive and for His disciples. That's why we must find our own Master inside, our own Christ within. We are all children of God. If one person eats, the other cannot be filled; we have to eat ourselves.

Playing the Eternal Game with God

Q: Once we have achieved our closeness to the Supreme Being, are we ever going to separate again, like what happens to leaves on the trees that fall and grow again?

M: Yes, we will, because that's the process of Creation; that's the game we play with God. That is how the Creation exists. Otherwise, there's just God, and no name, no form, no feeling, no stealing, no creation, no black, no white, no good, no bad, no evil, no saint, nothing. But we could also remain in God's abode forever. We could choose to do many things if we want to; but most likely, we will choose to play the game with Hirm again, like now. We will rest, and when we're bored, then we will go out play the game again.

Heaven is not eternal. We will not want to stay in heaven eternally. We will want to bring heaven anywhere to any level of existence, because that's the way Creation is. That's the way God would like us to do, and that's the way we will choose to do. Besides, after enlightenment we will look down and see so many other brothers and sisters still suffering in ignorance and still suffering in all kinds of lack of comfort due to spiritual darkness, that we will willingly and lovingly come down to assist them. That's how Creation continues.

Jesus did not come down for the first time or the last time. He said he would come back again. He might already have, but how would we recognize him? Would He necessarily grow a beard like last time? Would He necessarily walk bare-feet like last time? Would He necessarily wear the ragged clothes that He wore last time? No, He should not; He must not. If He wears ragged, dirty clothes and walks barefoot in front of your door, you would call the police. If Jesus came down now, He would have to be good-looking, modernized, wealthy, healthy, traveling in a limousine or Concord, etc; maybe wearing high heels. (I am just kidding.) And He has to shave, (most people like a shaved man) - that is, if He came back as a man at all. He might choose to incarnate in a lady's body or in a body of a different nationality.

Besides, we only heard that He was a man. We don't even know; we were not there. Did you see Him 2000 years ago yourself? Nowadays, we have photography, and we still don't know who is real and who is fake. They can use the computer to mess about with our appearance - put another person's head on your body or put your body on other person's head to create a different photo and different actions. How could we even prove that Jesus looked like what or which?

Use Spiritual Power to Fight for World Peace

Q: What is Your opinion of the Third World War, of UFOs, and of the climate change?

M: So many opinions you want me to have - even political! Do you guarantee my safety if I say something about politics? (Laughter) They told me that I am a spiritual teacher and that I should not talk about politics, and now you get me into trouble!

World war won't happen if we meditate more, if we pray more, and if we know God more. That's one of the reasons why I am running around right now even though I don't feel like it. I'd rather stay home, meditate, sleep, and eat my Chinese food every day. I run around; I don't have good food, sleep at different times, don't sleep enough, and am so uncomfortable in smoking hotels, smoking airplanes, and customs and bureaucracy, red tape, visas, short timing, and running from one airport to another. I don't like it. And I spend so much money from my pocket. But I am willing to do it, and I lovingly do it, because I hope to awaken people's consciousness for world peace. Only enlightenment can destroy ignorance. Only God's love can nullify hatred. Only real brotherhood can dissolve the different conflicts and opinions among our brothers and sisters.

If you and I don't want World War Three, you help me; you bring God's love to this planet. You help me to pray together in silence, to know God, to bring Hiers love and heavenly kingdom to this planet. I do not wish for any rewards from you or from heaven. I just wish what you wish - a peaceful planet for you, and for me, also. And for that, I spend my time, my money, and my energy to help bring about peace instead of spending energy, time, and money for weapons for killing.

To be a master of ourselves, to have victory over our own weaknesses, our egos, and our evil tendencies is the best victory of any war. As I am talking to you now, I am also talking to the souls in Yugoslavia, and all the nations that are still trying to solve conflict by violent means. That's the reason why I am in Europe this time and am making the tour around Europe, wishing to bring this message into the souls of these brothers and sisters. Of course, it is also because of the requests of my very loving fellow brother and sister spiritual practitioners.

There are about twenty Centers of our spiritual group around Europe, and they contact each other and meditate together for the same period of time even though they are in different countries. By doing so, they hope to bring a more peaceful atmosphere to Europe. They invited me, almost begging me, to come and that's why I am here. I feel very strongly that all this goodwill from our brothers and sisters and the goodwill on my part, together with our silent prayers in the heart and powerful spiritual energy, will change the course of history and minimize the possibility of World War Three that you are so fearful of. If you worry about War World Three, then do something: take action, fight with your God love, fight with your spiritual power, fight quietly in the corner of your home, fight with us - that is, get initiation, meditate, contact God, and change the history of our planet.

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