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The True Essence of Our Being

Spoken by the Supreme Master Ching Hai
Budapest, Hungary May 24, 1999
(Originally in English)

I have been going around Budapest City, just trying to learn the way of living in this country and I feel that your country is doing great. I kept telling the taxi driver that it's such a beautiful city. I am so surprised that it is so beautiful. I had heard that it is very beautiful but when I saw it with my own eyes, it was so beautiful that I was very, very surprised. I guess it's the same with many of us, we have heard about heaven, but when we truly see heaven, we will also be surprised. When I first saw it, and when some of our brothers and sisters first saw heaven, we were very surprised, too, and very excited.

In the old times, suppose I were born in Asia and wanted to see your country, it would have been very difficult. It would have been even more of an impossible fairy tale, but because of the advances in technology, we can see each other in a very easy manner. Similarly in the old times, seeing God or heaven, or knowing God, contacting God directly, would have been a very difficult task to find out. In the old times, technology was not so advanced and to speak to a great audience would pose a big problem; also, there was the language problem. In addition, very little knowledge was accessible to the public since there was difficulty in printing material concerning spiritual practice or spiritual enlightenment. So, most of the knowledge concerning heaven, our true Self, or God, was very remote to most of the people on this planet.

Nowadays, contrary to ancient times, we have access to all kinds of spiritual knowledge -- through books, through seminars, through the modern technology of communications such as telephones, television, e-mail, etc. As a result, we have more and more people who are familiar with this kind of science, and to reach the masses about spiritual issues is much simpler and much easier. Due to God's grace, the spiritual atmosphere, the spiritual blessing, has been bestowed upon our planet and we have become more and more advanced in all aspects of our lives; our lives have become more and more comfortable, more and more elevated. Therefore, we have the opportunity to come here and share with you what we know in our study -- that according to spiritual experience, we are not only this physical being, but we are a multifold being. We are great, great, greater than we could imagine ourselves to be. The deeper we go into the mysterious universal atmosphere, the more we can find out about ourselves: that we exist in many different levels of consciousness at the same time as we exist here and now on this physical planet.

The Essence of Our True Self

Going to heaven doesn't mean that we have to go anywhere, or die first. We might call it "dying", but we still can live and function in this world while seeing heaven or contacting God at the same time. By going through our different levels of Self, of consciousness, we can visit the different mansions of God, and then we will find that what the Bible says is true, "We are the temple of God and the Holy Spirit lives within us."

It is wonderful to know that we are manifold beings, and that with a little practice we can see our higher Self anytime we want; and when we ascend to the highest level of our Self, then we can see God as well. We are also part of the Most High, and when we go to the highest level, we will see the essence of our true Self, which is God, because, at that time, we do not have the human ego anymore. Consequently, in this same way we can avoid many of the unpleasant happenings in our lives. We can avoid a lot of suffering by ascending to a higher level of our Self and finding happiness there. When we come back to this physical level, even if we still experience mundane suffering, we will have become much stronger, much more spiritually awakened, and we can deal with our problems and our sorrows in a very easy manner. That's why the Bible says, "Seek you first the kingdom of God and everything else shall be added unto you."

Suppose our house has many levels, but if we have never ascended the stairs to see the higher levels, then of course, we do not know how much we have and how many rooms we have in our house. Jesus said, "In the house of my Father, there are many mansions." This is a way of explaining the different levels of human existence. If, now and again, we go to a higher level of intelligence, then when we come back to this physical world, we will become more able, wiser, and happier; therefore, we will become a different being. We can feel as if we are living in heaven while discharging our duty on this physical planet. Most of the suffering, most of the burdens, come from our lack of understanding about the higher parts of ourselves, the parts that are in direct contact with God. If we know the way to contact these higher parts of ourselves, then we can contact God.

There are different departments in our absolute Being, which house so many wonders. Every level is different from another, and every level consists of different things that we can make use of even for this physical life. All these levels of beings of our Self exist at the same time. It's just that we do not have a connection with them. We have forgotten how to reconnect ourselves, and that 's why we only have knowledge of the physical existence. No wonder we have no knowledge of other planets; no wonder we have no knowledge about heaven; no wonder we do not find peace easily with each other; no wonder we have to resort to war sometimes.

Bonuses of Spiritual Practice

We all know that only about five or ten percent of the human capacity is used. Where is the other eighty or ninety percent? It's going to waste. I am here to show you how to make use of your complete wisdom -- the other eighty or ninety percent that is left dormant. And it's so easy that even children can do it. The more we have access to this greater part of our intelligence, the better a human being we will become. Moreover, it will never cost us anything because these things are our own treasures. Like you have money in the bank but you have forgotten where your checkbook is, I will just point it out to you.

By going into all this remaining wisdom of our Being, we will be able to understand the Universe. We will be able to understand and know God and to communicate with Hirm directly and daily. The higher we go into the kingdom of God, the freer we will feel; and the burdens of this gross material world will have less and less effect upon us. Even our physical well-being will become better and better. Of course, we do not want to find God because we want to cure our physical sickness but the bonuses also are there in abundance.

How to be a True Being

The happiness we feel inside after we have found God, we will not want to trade for the whole world. That's why the Bible dares us, "What is the good of a man who gains the whole world and loses his own soul?" To "lose our soul" means that we do not recognize our greatness; we do not know what else we are except this physical body and this physical way of life. The Bible also mentions that whoever forsakes the world will gain it, and whoever runs after the world will lose it.

The purpose of the soul coming into this world is to find God, and nothing else will make it happy until it finds God again. But when we are in this physical world and this physical prison of flesh, we forget our purpose of life. It is such an arrangement of the negative power that it will entrap us here with all kinds of pleasures and illusions, making us busy, making us suffer, and also making us cling to these ephemeral, temporal pleasures of the flesh and forget heaven. That's why no matter how many possessions we have, no matter how high our position in society, we are never truly happy here if we do not have, at the same time, spiritual nourishment. Just like a rich man who has a grand house with many rooms and levels, but if he always stays in the darkness of the basement, he will never see the sun; and he will never have a chance to see all the treasures that lie waiting for him in the other, higher levels of the house.

We are manifold beings: we are physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual beings. In order to be a complete human being, in order to be a God-like being as God has made us in Hiers own image, we have to know our real Self, our complete Self. Lacking any part of ourselves, we will never be happy; we will always feel that there is something missing, but we do not know what. In order to go straight to the highest heaven after we leave this physical body, we should know that heaven now while living. We can visit heaven during our free time and then return to this physical body to fulfill our existence. Then we will know that we are not the physical body; we are truly God's children. It is not because we know that, it's the feeling inside, the merging together with the Universal Power, the Universal Oneness, that we will become a different being, a true Being, a heavenly Being on this planet. Then we will have nothing else but joy and happiness, even while living in this world.

With such bliss, such ecstasy, such security and sureness, Jesus walked this planet and declared, "I and my Father are one." We can declare that too, when we reach His level of understanding. But probably we will declare it quietly, to ourselves, or only to our brothers and sisters. A spiritually awakened person does not always have the enthusiasm to share his heavenly experiences with the world at large. Therefore, we have many quiet Saints living among us in the modern time and we do not know. Jesus also was not eager to share His experiences with other people, but He was appointed and He had to obey the will of His Father. Otherwise, it is better for most spiritual practitioners to keep quiet about their affair with God, for many of our brothers and sisters on this planet will not understand fully what the Lord wants to teach them. In our group, we also advise our brothers and sisters to keep quiet about their sainthood. Thus, there are many who sit among you right now who have seen the Light and have heard the teaching of God directly, but when you look at them you do not know the difference. Nevertheless, we can measure a little bit of their level of closeness to God by their outer happiness and by their outward dedication to the great course of happiness of humankind.

To Be or Not To Be a Saint

Every one of us can be a saint, and every one of us can also refuse to be a saint. The reason why we refuse to be a saint, we refuse to know God directly, is because we are playing a different role and have not finished with our role yet. Therefore to us, the spiritually blessed souls, we have no discrimination between the ones who join us and the ones who do not join us. We know they are all God's children; we are all the same level; we are all the same children of God. It is just that the time has not come for some souls to want to return Home.

We are here for the ones who are ready and who would like to know themselves better. It is not that you don't know God; you do know. It is just that you forgot how to look for Hirm and you forgot where to look. We will just point it out to you and it will happen immediately. To know God is easy; to keep in touch with God is a little bit less easy because we must do it every day. There are so many mansions in the house of the Lord that we have to keep going up in order to know them all.

Also, in order to represent God, we should be God-like, like a walking God on this planet, and that part may be a little less easy. The Ten Commandments in the Bible are not forbidding kinds of rules; they are the measurement of our standard of consciousness. If we can keep these commandments completely, that is, if these commandments seem natural to us and we can uphold them without any effort, then we can understand that we are very close to the God-like quality. A God-like being would not like to terminate the life of another God on this planet before his time has come; a God-like being would always tell the truth, would always keep his faith in God, would always love the neighbor as himself, etc. If we are already up to this standard, then we can be ready to know God.

I am not here to teach you anything new; I am here just to bring you the key to the kingdom. The key is yours; I will just hand it over, because you have forgotten. I am sure many of us have great faith in God, but we still want to know truly if God exists and if we can ever communicate with Hirm. The answer is "Yes, we can," and on a daily basis. God will walk with us, guard us, protect us, and love us. God does that all the time already; it's just that we do not know. Now it is our turn to know that God really is doing it. In order to know this, to see this, we must open our spiritual eye. The physical eyes are open so that we can see these physical surroundings and this physical existence; the heavenly eye must be opened so that we can see heaven.

When Jesus left this planet, He entrusted the key with Saint Peter. That key has been handed over from one generation to the next, and it might appear in some very unexpected area and with some very unexpected person. I have the key; it just happened that God wanted me to have it, and Hes has commanded that I come and inform you. Whatever you have within your being will be revealed to you after the key is used to open the Treasure within yourself. Of course, it is not a physical key. A physical key can only open physical objects such as concrete houses, bathrooms, or trunks of jewelry, but it cannot open the gate to the kingdom of God. The key to the house of our Father is not physical, and yet we can use it to open the house and to see Hirm face to face. At the time that I help you to open the door, you will see heaven; you will see God because I, myself, and many of our brothers and sisters also have seen.

The Interdependence of All Creation

After opening our own wisdom, we can use it to serve God and to serve humankind as a whole, or we can use it just for private reasons to serve our life, our loved ones and families, and to make this existence more comfortable. God will never force us to do anything even for Hirm or for Hiers children. Hes can appoint us, and we can say "yes" or we can say "no." Therefore, we don't have to worry that after enlightenment, after knowing God, we have to become monks or nuns, or go to the Himalayas, forsaking society or family to serve God. It's just that after our wisdom has been reclaimed, we become wiser and more loving each day, and we might automatically want to help whomever comes to us. We will feel the pain of others as our own and want to bring happiness to everyone with whom we are in contact.

In the same spirit, we have come here to serve you and to share with you the good News, and this is all unconditional. We do not expect, ask or ever think of anything in return. All you will do is just know yourself in your quiet, spare time every day; that is, you will know God all by yourself and enjoy yourself with God all alone in privacy. The more people who know God, the more people who can contact God directly and become happier, the more peaceful the world will be, the less war, and the more we can bring heaven to Earth. There is no reason to do this except that I have the knowledge that you are myself; you are part of me and I am part of the whole of humankind. If the whole is happy, then, of course, I am happy, too. And if any part, any part at all of this whole is sick or unhappy, then it will affect any of us, including myself also.

We will see the interdependence of all beings, including animals and plants, after we become enlightened, after we know God intimately. In the end, we will see nothing but ourselves existing everywhere, in each and every being, in each and every particle of the universe. That is how we can come to love our neighbors as ourselves -- because we know this is "us". Otherwise, no amount of talk and persuasion can bring us into this kind of voluntary state of love, to this automatic way of kindness.

It is just like someone who lacks sight cannot see his feet or other parts of his body. Because of his inability to see the parts of himself, he might sometimes hurt himself unintentionally. He might run into the wall; he might bump his legs or his feet on some hard object and hurt some part of his body. But if his sight is restored, he will know where to walk correctly; he will know how to protect every part of his body. After being enlightened, we will know every being on this planet, including the younger brothers and sisters, the animals or plants, so it will be impossible for us to hurt any of the parts of ourselves. We will not have to talk about peace; peace will be automatically restored. We will not have to say, "We must love our brothers, our neighbors"; we will automatically love our neighbors. Only when we know completely how great we are ourselves, can we recognize the greatness in other beings.

We are here to show you that because talking about God alone doesn't make us see God. To know something, we have to taste it ourselves. The advertisements are just introductions to the real thing. All the Bibles, the scriptures of all the good religions, point to God but do not make us see God. My talk, also, will not make you see God unless you are connected inside. I will show you how to connect yourself again with God, inside, after the lecture is over. Everything is free of charge, now, in the future, and forever. In case you have any other questions, please let me know. Thank you very much for your loving attention. (Applause)

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The True Essence of Our Being

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