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Confirmation supported by all evidences

Meeting an Ancient Master

By brother initiate Yi Tze, Shanxi Province, Mainland China

One day, my mother came to visit me from our hometown, and I presented her with a bracelet made and offered by a Quan Yin messenger. A month later, my mother visited me again. To my surprise, she told me that she would no longer interfere with my spiritual practice or what I would like to do in my life. This was a great change from the previous times when she had tried every possible means to stop me from practicing spiritually.

After my initial astonishment, my mother revealed the reasons behind her change in attitude. She said she had not been very happy one day, so she went out for a walk, where she met an old man who was an expert in physiognomy. When the old man saw the bracelet around my mother's wrist, he was amazed, and asked, "Where did you get it from? It is so powerful and emits brilliant light." He then walked by my mother's side, chatting with her.

When my mother invited him to her house, he sat in meditation for a short while. "I am a Taoist practitioner and share bonds of affinity with you," he said. "There is something I must tell you. Your son is a virtuous person. He is following a very ancient Master from the spiritual world. The Creator has mapped the course of his spiritual practice with a unique task and mission. You must not interfere with his will or intention. Otherwise, you will be working against the Creator's plans and will incur karma. In this special age in time, the Earth will be purified. Many beings who have been doing spiritual practice for many lifetimes will attain spiritual achievements and positions they are entitled to in the universe. In order not to miss this opportunity, many heavenly beings have been reincarnated into this world.

Such purificatory events have occurred twice on this planet before this time, once in ancient times when the legendary Chinese emperors in the remote ages (approximately 5000 years ago), and once during the transition period between the Shang and Chou dynasties (around 3,000 years ago). But those were very small events. The purification of this present era will elevate this planet to a highly developed state." The old man also explained to my mother many other incidents that had occurred in my life. Therefore, as You have promised, Master, Your almighty power has conquered my mother's heart.

I don't exactly know when this series of countless, profound, and mystical stories actually started. However, I believe it can be traced back to a profoundly loving glance from You that happened several eons ago. Perhaps that is the reason behind everything.

I remember that prior to seeing Your sample booklet, I had dreamt of myself in a big library where I came across the title, "The Key of Immediate Enlightenment". I was eager to locate the book but failed. It was not until I saw Your books for the first time that I realized the dream was a sign that You had already come. In order to bring out the muni pearl that has lain hidden deep in my marble brain, You arranged for the most awe-inspiring miracles to crack this tough head of mine.

You had my old Lama friend - my closest ally since my childhood days - come to tell me, "She is the best, the most perfect, and a completely enlightened Master." This was what the Lama said when he saw Your beautiful photo. You also had one of my former spiritual teachers, a compassionate old lady, come to me. "Her light is omnipresent," she said, as she looked at Your photo, "Wherever one may be on this planet, he who recites Her name will be deeply loved by Her, which is hundreds and thousands of times better than reciting a Buddha's name or mantra." When I presented a copy of Your sample booklet to another of my spiritual teachers, she accepted it immediately with these words, "Your Master is truly great. Since the moment you started thinking about Her, Her blessings have remained with you constantly." I had not yet received initiation at the time. And my silent tears began to flow for You in my heart, up until now....

While I was waiting for initiation, I was so anxious and eaten up with worry that I almost lost hope because I could not get in touch with local fellow initiates. In a crowded temple, however, a thin young man comforted me, "Taking just one look at the Master is as good as having received initiation and abhisekata. You will be enlightened at the age of 20 and will have your spiritual attainments in this life as you have wished." When his words came true after I turned 20, I suddenly realized why he was nowhere to be found by the time I regained my senses and ran out of the temple to look for him.

Less than two months after my initiation, I went to see my former spiritual teacher who had been honored as the most eminent Tantric monk in Amdo, Tibet. Through his expression of amazement and thumbs-up gesture, You completely conquered my heart. Only when I saw him sigh in awe and his hands move delicately over the sample booklet did I realize what You had truly given me.

Oh, Master! The stories between You and me are a thousand times more beautiful than any myth or legend. How could I tell them all? Even all the most romantic words in this world would not be enough to describe one-millionth of a fraction of Your beauty and love! How could I forget Your wonderful touch in Bangkok? Your eyes were closed, yet immeasurable blessings flowed through Your fingertips. Your lips smiled as though there were a thousand suns about to burst into light at dawn. Your eyes were transfixed upon me, and You looked like a close friend, a good ally, the Almighty Lord. Just as I find the scene of verdant mountains so enchanting, hopefully the mountains share the same feeling as they look upon me!

Oh, Master! I know this is not a simple love story that began only three years ago. I am elated and rejoice in this love. Along the tracks of my previous lifetimes, I continue to advance in this history of love. Oh, Master! I am happy to move along this path and never want to turn back!

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