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The Wisdom Of Life

Spoken By Suma Ching Hai At Raising Center, Cambodia

July 30, 1996 (Originally In English, Unabridged)

In heaven, we have only one name -- that's the name of love and wisdom. (Applause) Thank you. So, don't worry that we are apart from each other, because we are not really apart. We are the same, the same substance; and as long as we go in the same direction, sooner or later we will meet each other again or we will arrive at one point, one destination. So meditate everyday and enjoy the privilege of the sainthood that you have been admitted into. The light and sound are there sometimes to assure you that you are doing okay, you're going in the right direction. Whenever the light is very intense and the sound is very, very clear that means you have entered deep into the higher consciousness; when the sound is faint or the light is dim that means you are just at the border of higher intelligence.

So these are the measurements for you to know yourself, how far you have advanced, not for anyone to really judge you, whether you are a higher Buddha or you're a lower Bodhisattva. There is no nonsense like this. We're all going home. Someone goes slower, someone goes faster, just like here. If you are a lot hungry, then you run fast to the kitchen. If you've just eaten biscuits in the tent, then you go slower; or if your legs are longer, you walk faster. The Asian people with shorter legs like me walk very slow. That's why we have become a snail family! (Master and audience laugh.) Last time we bestowed upon ourselves all the titles: golden snails, silver snails -- all kinds of snails -- stainless steel snails (Master and audience laugh), ordinary snails.

Only The Light And Sound Can Help Us

Only the light and sound can help us in any kind of situation in this world. So for us, any kind of karma, any kind of bad burden from the past, present or future, there's nothing else in this world that we can rely on. These, the light and the sound, are the only methods, the only equipment that God has bestowed upon us when we descended into this world, so that we can protect ourselves, so that we can remember the Kingdom of God, so that we can dissolve any difficulties and obstructions on our way of finding the Kingdom of God. Any troubles in this world -- be it in your business, in your family circle or in the personal love relationship -- are there actually just to make trouble for you, just to sidetrack you from the journey back to the Kingdom of God. And God knows that beforehand, so we are given this equipment, the light and the sound, so that we can slash them all asunder and then advance further. Without light and sound, we never can make it back home... never, ever. Just like without the airplane, you can not make it here to Cambodia so fast and trouble-free.

So anytime you have any problem, be it with yourself, with any of your love ones or any of the employments or businesses, anything, you just sit down and meditate. The problem will become clearer to you and then you'll know how to solve it, or the problem will just disappear itself in time. Sometimes we panic, really because the world seems to press upon us for certain things, or at a certain time and certain demand. We panic and say, "Oh, my God! I cannot make it. I have only one more day or half more day and I just don't want to do something else. I want to do this thing right now and other things just come making demands on me. But then after we meditate for a while, the world withdraws its demand on us, or the problem just goes somewhere else and then we panicked for nothing. (Master laughs.) So, just keep cool. C-O-O-L, cool. (Laughter) Keep cool, baby (Master and audience laugh), and everything will be all right.

Listen to your intuition inside. Sometimes it's difficult. You have to see which is the strongest voice and remain steadfast on that strongest intuition, because sometimes you feel like you should do this, continue to do this job, but some other people come and demand you to do the other job, and the other people come to tell you this is better and it's no use now -- "It's going to be no use. You'd better run fast to the other direction and do this, that and that. But then you feel inside you should do this, but it makes you feel like in a struggle and torn apart from different directions. Then sit down and meditate and listen to your own Buddha voice, the intuition voice inside, the silent voice that tells you what to do. Or at least stay calm and you can see clearly for yourself which direction is better for you.

I tell you all these from experience. I'm not telling from a book. Books don't teach us this kind of thing, not too many. And it always works, because where else can we run to and what else can we use to deal with the world as it is, huh? So much overwhelming suffering, so much nonsense, so much pressure upon us, the small creature; and sometimes we really don't know what to do and it makes us feel very, very anxious, very restless. Meditation on the light, on the sound are the only things we can do at that time of necessity. But anyhow, you can pray, too. Praying doesn't mean "Oh, please do this, please do that for me, or, "Please, help! You can say that but at the same time, you must believe that help is already there. If you don't believe that, it's very bad for you.

Faith Is The Best Prayer

Only faith can bring the things into actualization, because actually we are God. We are Buddha already. Help is always there. We don't even need help. If we are the Buddha, we know what to do, no? So believe it. If you cannot believe in your own Buddha Nature, then believe in the Master power, the Master's Buddha Nature. Then that will help you, because even if you didn't have a Buddha Nature, supposed you didn't have, supposed you were not the Buddha, then okay, at least someone else, like the Master, would not leave you in trouble. The Master would immediately know, would know before you even called, and would already have tried to find a way to help you. So just believe in it. That's the best prayer for you. Believe that it will be done as best for yourself, whatever happens it will be the best for you and you will see it in the future, very soon, that is the best.

So, anytime any problem and you want to pray for yourself or want to pray for anyone, just believe in it. You can ask Master to help or ask your own Buddha Nature to help, but you must believe that it will be done and it is being done, it has already been done. Then, it's okay. Remember the Bible also says whatever you pray for, believe that it has been granted to you, then it will be done. It's the way it is. If you keep crying, "Oh, please help me! Why don't you help me? It has been five has been ten minutes. I'll give you another ten minutes. (Master and audience laugh.) That's not the way.

You must believe. Your faith in yourself is the greatest healing power of any illness, of any problems that you might encounter. You must believe this, because you are the only Buddha within yourself. We are all the Buddhas, but the Buddha inside knows what to do already. The soul knows what to do. If you cannot believe, just believe the Master power will help you, because it will. It does help anytime. What's the use of having a master and then the master doesn't do anything for you. Even an ordinary father, mother would try their best to help their children; ordinary teachers would try their best to help the students. How would a spiritual master, having access to all heaven and earth, just leave you alone in darkness and in trouble?

So, there's nothing we cannot solve with faith in ourselves or in the Master power, because actually the Master power is your power. You and I are one. So, if you cannot believe in yourself, okay let it be, because you feel separated from the Master, fine. Then believe in the Master power. If you really think the master is good, why would the master not help you? And the Master power is omnipresent; there's nowhere the master is not. Anywhere you call, it's just the Master right there, twenty-four hours, remember! So, everywhere you stay, everywhere you live, whatever you face, don't panic, just believe. It will be solved if you can't solve it yourself. Try your best. If you cannot, then the Master will help you. That's what the Master's there for. Until you find your own Master power, the one who knows must help.

You Are The Answer You're Looking For

Just like the teacher, before you know English he must help you to know English, to see, to learn, to teach you A-B-C, and to repeat this sentence, that sentence, and to read all these articles until you know them yourself. That's what the teacher is there for; but you also must know, learn yourself, and believe in your own ability, because you can do anything you want. You are the Buddha, never forget. Even if you cannot believe it, don't forget it. Don't forget what I've told you, because what I've told you is the truth. Don't believe anything less than this about yourself.

Have confidence, not pride but confidence within yourself because you are that which you are searching for now. There's nothing else but that inside you, what you search for. The one who is searching and the one who is searched are only one. Have you thought about who is searching for whom? Who is the one that is telling you to search that person, for that being? It's you yourself. Only God can know God. Only Buddha can feel longing for the Buddha Nature, longing for your Home. If your home was not in the palace, if you had not been the prince in the palace, you would never miss the palace, you would never long to go back to the palace, understand?

So, if in your heart now you find yourself longing to go back to the Kingdom of God, or for God realization, it is because you're God. You have been God, and now you have forgotten or something else that separated you, that's why you long for. Don't fear that we are not together because we always are, we always will be. But for the fun of creating a lot of things, we have been separated as it is right now. It's also fine, no? Don't you think so? Yes! Suppose we're all one already, me, you are one, only one face in the whole room here, only one big body like this, wouldn't it be terrible? (Laughter) No fun, huh? Everywhere is my head, everywhere is my arms, everywhere is my feet, nothing else I see here. (Master and audience laugh.) No men, no women, nothing, and no winking eyes sometimes. (Master laughs.) Then nothing to do, understand?

We should be really thankful for the creation as it is, so that we can enjoy each other, so that we can have something higher to long for, to hope for, to aspire for. Otherwise, "Okay I am sitting here. I am God. I am Buddha, and that's that, you know? "I want nothing, I wish nothing, I see no one, I do nothing for no one. No one loves me, I love no one because I am me, me and you, you are I, I and you. That's that, and also no fun, huh? So creation is all right. It's just that if we suffer so much from our wrong choices, previously, then we must change now.

The five precepts or the Ten Commandments we must keep because that's your salvation. Do not think the body is not important. The body is important. Without the body, the mind cannot exit there. Without the mind, the soul has no experiences in this world. The mind and gray matter -- the brain -- are different. The mind is invisible. The brain is the material instrument with which the mind uses to touch, to know the things around it. So, don't confuse the mind with the brain. But the mind is also very, very strong. So you have to feed yourself adequately, bodily, so that your body is strong and keeps long, so that you can practice better and you can benefit the world longer. Don't disregard your body. Give it enough care, proper hygiene and protect it from weather, hunger, accidents and sickness. You have to think always positive and strong. Anytime you're ill, either you willed yourself to be sick or you probably let someone else affect you by your own will. Then just meditate more, take proper medication, and make yourself feel better.

Don't think that the five precepts are from any strict Buddha or rigid Bodhisattva trying to control your life. No, no, no! The body is not made for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and all kinds of strong stimulation. That's how we shorten our lives, and that's how our ancestors, or parents shortened their lives and imparted this knowledge to us of the shortened life span. Otherwise we would live longer. So you heard that Jacob and whoever it was in the Bible lived long, long, long years. Oh, they had about eight hundred children or something like that, remember? Also in many of the Chinese legends, they lived until eight hundred years or many thousands of years. Still there are some people who live that long. Actually, we could live very long, longer than in this kind of life, about a hundred years. Like this, too short. That's why sometimes we wonder why life is so short. What can we do in this kind of hundred years span.

We were not meant to live a hundred years. We are meant to live long, long, long, longer than this; but because of ignorance, self indulgence in all kinds of poisons, our genes from our ancestors kept shortening and shortening and imparted to us this kind of weak body. Then when we come here, we're also influenced by society, like okay, take a glass of alcohol or whiskey is cool. It's sociable, it's high-society. Actually, it's no good for us; anything that contains alcohol is terrible for your body. It shortens your life. It dulls the mind. It confuses the vision.

That's why if you have a risky sickness or an operation, doctors always advise you: Don't drink alcohol two weeks after the operation, don't smoke, don't have this and the other. Then why? Even if after sickness we should not drink alcohol or before or during the sickness we should not drink alcohol or take drugs, then why should we do it ordinarily? It is very harmful. So, if you want to live a healthier life, if you want to live longer, take care of yourself and your family, then stay away from all these toxins. It's not a rigid rule. It's just a natural way to live our life so that we'd be more healthy and clearer in our mind, not drugged all the time, not groggy and sluggish.

The Only Secret Of Longevity

Actually our lives should be joyful, active and meaningful. We can learn a lot of things with our time, learning just for the sake of joy, for the sake of learning. You can start learning how to play the piano, guitar, dancing just for exercise, or learn golf, football, baseball, tennis, anything you like to do. You still can always start because your body will obey your command and the cells will start to produce younger cells. Because you want to live so they say, "Oh! You want to live, fine. We do, why not? The cells just listen to the command of the mind. So make sure your mind is healthy, lively, active and you want to live, then you will live longer. That's the only secret of longevity.

Also you can take some vitamins, if you believe in them, because faith is also in the medicine. If you believe vitamins are good for you, of course your faith is invested in the vitamin pills and when you take, it's good for you. Of course vitamins can help supply some of the missing elements, because sometimes we don't take enough nutrition or we take too much of one kind and not the others. Actually, if we are active, we're strong, and our mind is healthy, it can convert any kind of food into a healthy diet and make us healthy; but stay away from the poisons -- alcohol, cigarettes, drugs. Drugs, I mean those heroine kind, marijuana, things like that. These are poison for you, and these poisons are expensive. You're stupid! Pay so much money for poison. Whiskey is not cheap! Anything alcoholic is not cheap, hmm?

Drink fruit juice, drink water, mineral water or tap water if it's clean enough, if it's drinkable. These are good for you. Eat wholesome foods. Eat fruits, vegetables, tofu, vegetable protein. All these are very good and prolong your life. Eat nuts (Master and audience laugh), nuts are good for us nut-cases. Actually, to the world we are crazy, you know? So if we are already seen as crazy, there is nothing else to worry about. Just be as crazy as you want. All kinds of margarine, all kinds of things that are good for you; olive oil, anything natural is good for you so don't spare your body the nutrition that is needed. But don't over eat, because that also will make you feel very bad and sleepy. Even if the food is good, eat as much as your body needs. If it's too much the body also cannot digest and a lot of it is wasted outside.

Even if I don't have a good example for you about eating, you'd better listen to me. (Laughter) The doctor can be sick but he can also cure you, can heal you. Even if a doctor has the same sickness, he can still cure you because he is a doctor. He knows how to heal people, so don't come to the doctor and say, "Oh, my God! He looks so...! Last year he had a liver operation, how can he cure my liver problem now? It has nothing to do with it. Maybe his lifestyle is not so good or maybe he was poisoned by some of the environmental toxins, like some time he went to India and got hepatitis, things like that. Very difficult when you go around the world to keep the hygiene condition intact, unless you bring all your kitchen with you, the staff, too; and they cook for you everywhere you go, which is inconvenient. In hotels they don't let you cook, so you have to eat the hotel food; and sometimes the cook, he just tastes it, and donates some of his saliva free of charge into the food. That you don't have to pay for, but then you pay a lot for doctor's bills later. That's all troublesome.

Sometimes I am also ill, because I run around too much. I stay in hotels, I eat restaurant food. I eat anything because sometimes people invite me, and I eat with them so as to make them feel good. If I sit together with all the guests and demand my own food, my spoon, my fork and everything like that, oh God! Then they would feel very uneasy.

So, don't look upon my body and sickness and my hospitalization sometimes, feeling that my advice to you is not worthy. It is very good advice for you, all the precepts and all the things that I've imparted to you are good for you. Just live according to them and your life will be longer, your heath will be more strong, and your economy will be better than before -- you'll save a lot of money for medical bills, for doctors and for suffering. Not only save the money, you save the suffering. You don't have to go to the hospital so much. If possible, you just eat at home, cook yourself, I mean cook for yourself. (Laughter) Cook for your husband and your children.

Now and again, of course you want to enjoy you go out to eat. That's all right, but pray a lot before. Make a lot of Five Names, cleanse it with light and whatever power you can get from anywhere, from ten directions, eat it, and believe that it's clean and wholesome. That's the only choice. Even if you don't believe it, try to. What is the use of not believing in the food? Even if the food is bad, would it help you to believe it is bad; it would not. So might just as well believe positively that it's good, that it has been cleansed by the Buddha power. Then it is, because nothing that the power of the Buddha cannot do, nothing that God cannot do for you. Hes can make poison become nectar, so if you have to go out and eat, try to believe this. It probably won't help you every time but it helps a lot of times, depending on your karma and your faith.

Sometimes very difficult because you talk to the person next door and he leans to you, talks, and donates some saliva at the same time. At that time, you're busy listening to him and forget to pray (Master and audience laugh), but just pray in advance, and pray after, "Please, whatever I have eaten (Master and audience laugh), I know you take care of it, so it's all right. Try to believe it. Otherwise what can I do for you? What can I tell you, because your life is like this. Our life is like this. For you, it's easier because every time you travel, you just come to my Center and our Center is as clean as possible already with people taking gloves, and cover all their noses and their mouth, so that the bacteria or whatever don't come into your food.

Extra-Terrestrials From Outer Space

Our world is covered with bacteria and a lot of disease, but we're already much immuned to this system. If other people from other planets, suppose if there are some from other planets, if they came here they'd get sick very quickly. So if they come here they have to equip themselves with a lot of sterilization, masks, suits and gloves, everything. That's why sometimes you look at the extra-terrestrials they look very weird, don't look like humans so much. Actually, they are very beautiful; except the bad ones and the ugly ones, they are from a different dimension. But most of the advanced extra-terrestials they are very beautiful. Some are very high, taller than us, three times bigger than the Americans, some. Some are higher than that, bigger, but some are average like us. Some are smaller, but they mostly are very beautiful and friendly. I suppose. I heard. (Master laughs.) I am told; I read it, okay. (Laughter) So don't ask me anymore. (Laughter) You can read it in books, and ask those abductees, things like that. They'll tell you stories. Don't ask me. I only read, tell, and learn like you.

According to the Buddhist sutra, there are other beings as big as that. One time, namely the reverent Meguada something. Oh! I forgot his name, he was the one who was very good to his mother; his mother was in the hell. I don't know the Sanskrit name, I just forgot. One of the biggest disciples of the Buddha, one of the ten foremost disciples of Buddha, flew up to some other planet to visit other terrestrials. He stopped in one of the planets and at that time, some of the people there were having lunch. The bowl for rice and food, so big that he stopped at the edge of the bowl and he looked like a fly. So the beings talked to themselves and said, "Oh, God! This is a strange fly. We have never seen such in our place. Actually, it was the disciple of the Buddha, an Indian monk, but because people there were so big that even just to land on the edge of one of their rice bowls, he looked like a fly to them. So when you look at the fly on top of your bowl, maybe consider (laughter), maybe from another planet. Try not to kill them, because maybe they're some monks from somewhere on other planets, who knows? (Laughter)

So even within this planet alone, we already have so many different looking people. How could it be the same for us -- if the whole galaxy, the whole universe looked the same? It could not be the same. Perhaps some of the other planets have been keeping their tradition of a healthy diet, the secret of longevity, whereby our planet has lost it, because of disaster, because of our stubbornness or because some accident has befallen us that we have forgotten the secret of life. So we have degraded into this stage of living and into which our life span has become so much shortened than it is necessary for us to do things in this world.

If our life would be longer, probably we could do a lot more, but I don't know. The world has to have peace first. Then they have to sit together and talk about how to preserve this planet, how to purify the atmosphere so the citizens in this world will lead a better life, have a better future for our children. But if they continue to make war like this, even within their own country, within their own party, then I see no hope. Even if our life is healthy and stronger, war can destroy it anytime. They just drop an atom bomb and we're finished, with all our healthy cells ready to live (Master laughs) three, four, five hundred years. So maybe in the future we'll know how to live a better life or we'll be born in another planet which is better for our health, long life and spiritual progress.

The Vibration Makes A Difference

That's what we are trying to do, bring you to a better environment. You still will have your body, it's just finer. Every being has the body, it's just the vibration is faster or slower. If it's faster then we don't see it much or it's invisible. The faster, the more invisible; the slower the vibration, the more visible. Our finer body has been condensed into this block of material that is visible to all the naked eyes by slowing down the vibration of the energy. You can see when you're young, you sometimes use like a yo-yo or something. You spin something. When it spins very fast, you don't even see it, the thing, right? Or the electric fan there. It's moving very fast now so it's like almost transparent whereas it has four wings. When it stops you can see the four wings and through the four wings you can not see anything. But now because it's moving so fast you can see right through the four wings. And this is not even that fast compare to so many things in the universe.

Everything that your naked eyes don't see doesn't mean it doesn't exist. That's why sometimes during concentration time you step beyond the border of visibility and then you see the other world, other people surrounding you. Buddha is also around here, no where else He can go. All the beings also surrounding us; or if you left your physical body and went around with the astral body, also people don't see you but you can see other people. You can hear them, but they cannot hear you, they cannot see you. Just like after a person is dead, if he came back to see his relatives and friends, no one hears him, no one sees him, and he becomes very frustrated. So sometimes he has to try very hard to materialize for some time, maybe seconds or a few minutes and then people say, "Oh! I saw ghost! (Laughter) Actually they were in a finer body.

We also were in a finer world, then we tried to come down here. We had to slow down, slow our vibration so that the matter would be solid so we could have this. Actually, it's energy only. There is nothing really material about us, about our body even. Just that it was materialized by a slowing down process. So revere your body to use it for a noble and good purpose. Take care of it as long as it should last for your purpose of realizing yourself and helping our brothers and sisters to go back to where they belong so that they have eternal happiness and don't have to suffer in the dark here, where they should not even though they have chosen to do it. But when it's time, they should go home. We should be around and help them -- pull them out of the darkness, and bring them back, go together with us home.

Good night. Thank you. (Applause) Every time I speak differently. Sometimes I say the material body, don't care. That is for the people who indulged themselves too much in sleeping, eating, sexual indulgence and forget their real purpose. You can have all these as well, but beware, be moderate. The spiritual purpose is always the foremost. Take care with other things, slow down with other things. Go back Home, it should be the main goal of our life.

Good night. (A: Good night.) See you again. (Applause)

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