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Quan Yin Method 

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        Immediate Enlightenment : Eternal Liberation 

Inner Light and Sound 
This Word or divine Vibration is mentioned in all religions. We call it Yin, others call it Celestial Music, Logos, Tao etc. It vibrates within all life and sustains the whole universe. This inner Melody can heal all wounds, fulfil all desires and quench all worldly thirst. It is all powerful and all love.  
So we meditate on that Word, which is the vibration within, the Word which indicates the frequency, the God-Power. Because we are the temples of God, and God speaks to us in such a way. He appears to us in the form of Light and speaks to us in the form of Sounds. Seeing the Light we see many other things. Hearing the Word we hear many other things. We hear the teachings directly from God.  

Recognize Our Own God Nature  
What is true enlightenment? There is no mystery about it, just the positive side of our nature.  

The Omnipresent True Nature  
The freedom inside never can change. Once we have it, we will always have it. We just have more and more each day only, and we discover endless possibilities to express our freedom.  

Barriers Set Up By Angels To Confine Human Beings  
By attaining inner peace, we will attain everything else. All the satisfaction, all the fulfillment of worldly and heavenly desires come from the Kingdom of God - the inner realization of our eternal harmony, of our eternal wisdom, and of our almighty power. If we do not get these we never find satisfaction, no matter how much money or power, or how high a position we have.  

The Garden of Eden  
We should practise for the sake of wisdom alone; for the sake of knowing ourselves; for the sake of knowing the origin of our home; and to be free, loving and happy. That's all there is..  

The Mysteries of the Universe  
Prayers begin after you have met a master, because the master awakens in you the prayer power -- the power to pray, the power to think, the power to use your own energy to make things come true.  

Enlightened Scientists Who Elevate The Civilisation Of The World  
If we know where to use our Universal Power, then we will become masters of ourselves, masters of our destinies, and we can lead many others to become masters of their own destinies as well.   

The Wisdom of Life  
The soul exists outside of the body, outside of physical bondage, and merges itself into the spiritual world. That's why you can hear the Sound and see the Light. At that time you exist on both levels -- the soul level and the physical level. Most of the time people exist only on the physical level. That's why they don't hear the Sound, they don't see the Light. Normally, we're not physical. That's why we can liberate ourselves out of the physical dimension and then we can hear the spiritual world.   

Five Lands Of The Spiritual Path  
The sages of old have discovered this method. Actually, not discovered, the method was conveyed from heaven through different sons of God at different periods of time to remind mankind of their glorious original state. And that they should not forget their origin, not wallow in their suffering, which is unnecessary. Everything we want is available. Electricity has not been the invention of mankind. It has just been a discovery. Similarly, enlightenment is not an invention of Buddha or Christ and it's not a gift from any Master. It is a birthright, it is an inheritance within all of us.   

Selections from the Spiritual Teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai   


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