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The Supreme Master Ching Hai Ocean of Love Tour ~ Experience the Divine ~

Seventh Stop

Academia Sinica , Formosa

May 6, 2000

Master attended a seminar "Supreme Master Ching Hai, Quan Yin Method, and the Chinese in Southeast Asia",
held at the Academia Sinica.

 Although Master's itinerary was very tight for Her lecture tour in Asia and Oceania, She still attended a seminar at the Academia Sinica from ten to twelve noon on May 6 on the topic of "Supreme Master Ching Hai, Quan Yin Method, and the Chinese in Southeast Asia". This was among a series of seminars discussing the relationship between religions and the Chinese people around the world. Academia Sinica is a world-renowned organization in national academic research. The conveners of this seminar were the Southeast Asia Research Project from the Academia Sinica, Taiwan Religious Institute, Central Broadcasting Corporation, Overseas Chinese Research Group of the Contemporary History Research Faculty from Academia Sinica, and Chinese Interdisciplinary Association. People taking part in the seminar included professors from Formosan universities, research fellows and associates from Academia Sinica, media professionals, and elite personnel from many fields.

 In the seminar, there was an introduction to Master's charitable and preaching activities in Asian countries including Formosa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Aulac, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Mainland China. A printed copy of relevant material was also provided for reference.

 The various questions raised by the guests, in counterpoint with Master's wise and humorous answers, created a lively seminar of brilliant discussion. A participant from the Central Broadcasting Corporation asked Master why She was ordained as a Buddhist nun when She first came to Formosa, but later resumed the status of a lay practitioner. Master replied that She hadn't finished Her destiny as a monk in previous lives, so She had to continue with monkshood for some time in this life. Another question was: since Master does not receive any fees from members, then where does the enormous amount of money that She contributes to relief funds come from? For instance, Master contributed ten million NT dollars to the Internal Affairs Department on the next day of the 9/21 quake disaster in Formosa. Where did this money come from? Master's answer was that, when the disciples are enlightened, their Buddha Nature within is awakened. When they are aware of people in disasters, they unhesitatingly and generously contribute their money and effort, and render their help promptly. Besides, She has been designing Celestial clothes and Jewelry that everyone can order and purchase. Not being a lavish spender, Master often manages to save a lot of money very quickly to launch preaching or charitable activities to benefit sentient beings.

 Many people were curious about how Master could impart the Quan Yin Method to people in different regions of Asia who speak different languages. Master explained that the Quan Yin Method is not transmitted by verbal teachings. At the time of transmission, no language is necessary; it is transmitted by the power of the Enlightened Master. Therefore, even people from different ethnic groups and cultures can immediately experience enlightenment. And so the learning of the Quan Yin Method has created a sensation in Asia.

 Someone asked that, since the practicing of Quan Yin Method can eliminate wars, wouldn't it be more effective if we let all the national leaders practice the Quan Yin Method? Master said that She agreed with the idea, but because She looks just like an ordinary woman, it is often difficult for Her to get close to the national leaders. Besides, it is not always possible for politicians in power to arrange to see the people that they want to see. Master said She hoped that more people would devote themselves to spiritual practice, meditate together in retreat and pray for peace. In this way, we can also achieve the peace that everyone longs for.

 After the seminar, the hosts followed their usual practice and presented a lecture fee to Master. Master was very touched by their sincerity. That was the first time in over a decade that Master had ever been awarded an honorarium for Her discourse. Master returned the money to them immediately, as a gift, to help with the expense of the seminar. Lasting two hours, the seminar was warm and interesting, and especially meaningful in academic research.

Taoyuan, Formosa

Ocean of Love

New Zealand