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Special Report on The Supreme Master Ching Hai's
2000 Oceania & Asia Lecture Tour

Third Stop

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 On the day of the lecture, there was a heavy rainstorm, yet according to the local people, heavy rainfall is very unusual at this time of the year....

 The lecture hall was conveniently located in a building called Menara PGRM. By 6:30 PM, thousands of people, Malays, Chinese, Indians, and others, had filled the hall. . Malaysia is truly a democratic country with multiracial and multicultural citizens. The friendliness of the local people was clearly demonstrated when they heartily clapped their hands before and after the video "Walk the Way of Love" that was shown on two large TV screens. They also applauded loudly when a local initiate talked about her own experiences by following the Quan Yin Method.

 When Master arrived, wearing a light green dress, the crowd gave Her a very warm welcome. Feeling the positive vibrations from the audience, She said, "The Lord blesses you for coming here despite the heavy rain. May God bless you and your country, which is very beautiful and prosperous." "Thank God, Buddha, Allah, that the people are highly elevated."

  Master emphasized, "You are all Buddha! The essence of life is love, and nothing else but love. The essence of God, of Allah, is love. When we make the choice of love, which is the highest choice, we are closer to God, to Buddha. There are many choices in life, and depending on the choice we make, we are the representatives of that choice. We make different choices - to be an angel, a deva, etc., but when we relearn again that we are Buddha, God, the Holy Spirit, that is when we are enlightened."

 To know God, or to know your Self, is just like turning your palm. Look at the front of the palm: it is God; look at the back of the palm: it is mundane. If you just turn around, then you can know God." "There is nothing else inside yourself but God. It is up to us to try to remember or not. I am here to help you remember."

 "God is the Light which is brighter than thousands of suns; God is the melody resonating in our soul. It doesn't matter who you are and where you are coming from, if you want to touch God, then God will manifest into a human being, such as Jesus, Mohammed, etc. And if you can contact these past Masters, then you can elevate your level above this low physical world. If I can, you can. It happens now. If our initiated brothers and sisters can, you can. The good news is that we are one with the "System". Just like we are one member in this hall, but we are also the whole of the audience. To see God, to talk to, or to meet Hirm is the noble thing now. Some of us have already made many choices, like un-Godly things; maybe this is the time we choose the highest, the noble one - to be close, and one with God."

 Master then gave the audience a gift. She asked whoever wanted to experience God to close their eyes, concentrate on their wisdom eye, and She taught them the Convenient Method. She also promised that She would be available 24 hours if they call Her name for help. When Master added that it is a local call, everyone laughed happily.

 During the questions and answer session, Master said: The wisdom eye is also called "Eye of the Soul". Before we reach the level of seeing God with both the physical and wisdom eyes, we should close our physical eyes during meditation to minimize the distractions of the world.

 There are many mansions in the Father's house. "Mansion" is the level of consciousness. Using the "soul road", we can ascend to heaven or descend to hell, depending on our choice, when we are enlightened.

 Whenever we die, our subconscious records what we have done, and everyone knows what we have recorded; therefore, we should keep clear thoughts, actions, and speech.

 The wisdom eye is always open, but we just forget to use it.

 When you meditate, you naturally bring results into your life and make things better automatically because you become wiser.

Ocean of Love

New Zealand