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The Master in the prophcies

A World Saviour Born In The East

By brother initiate Le Huu Phuoc, San Jose, CA, U.S.A.
By fellow initiate Tsao, Canada

Before my initiation, I had read a book about Nostradamus. Nostradamus was a Frenchman who lived over four hundred years ago. He wrote a book entitled "De Centries", comprised of one hundred prophetic quatrains.

Each quatrain is one prophecy, predicting all the major world events for the next four hundred years. Most of them have come true, and have amazed people throughout the world. People are particularly concerned about his last prophecy of a great disaster towards the end of the century. This last quatrain states: In the year 1999 AD, the world will face an unprecedented great disaster, that even the sea will become hot. Then, a world saviour born in the East in 1983 will appear, to save Europe from the catastrophe. (See Note)

I was very puzzled when reading this prophecy. First, if it is going to happen in Europe, why is an oriental person going to save them from the disaster? Second, if the saviour was born in 1983, then he or she would still be a young person of sixteen at the end of the century. How could he or she be commissioned with this burden? Is this not an incredible myth?

After being initiated by Master, I incidentally learned that She attained ultimate enlightenment in the Himalayas exactly in the year 1983. Then I understood. Enlightenment is the beginning of the real life of a human being. Master was born in the East, studied in Europe, and is now preaching in every country, with disciples all over the world. Who else could this world saviour be, except Master?

With Her incredible power, Master is changing the destiny of the world, leading us out of the dark shadow of doomsday, to greet the dawning light of the new century.

Note: The years mentioned were calculated by experts based on the content of his prophetic quatrains.

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A World Saviour Born In The East
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